13 Nov

Access Blocked Websites and Surf Anonymously Secure with VPN

How to access blocked websites? How to surf anonymously? How to secure your online banking and purchases? Plus get Cyberghost VPN 1 year Premium account for free.

Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great way to surf anonymously and at the same time, secure your surfing against eavesdropper tools (such as Firesheep). Virtual Private Networks allows you to surf anonymously by concealing your IP address, location, download and other privacy matters. Also a great way to access websites that are blocked to user from certain countries.

VPNs secure your surfing using data encryption. Due to this, VPN can slow down your surfing a bit. Still, if you shop a lot online or use online banking on public network, you may want do consider this type of security.

When you use the service, you are actually using their server (secure encrypted) as proxy.  Normally, you will get your own login name and  password to access the VPN. You will also need to install their software,  in  order to log-in to the VPN.

There are many VPN services available, for those who are not familiar, try to look into these:

UltraPVN at: ultravpn
OpenVPN at: openvpn.net
CyberGhost at: cyberghostvpn.com
Hidemyass at: hidemyass.com

Ultravpn is an open source and its free.

Hidemyass is a very popular web based free anonymous proxy provider. It provides a simple anonymous proxy (free) besides a full premium VPN services.

Cyberghostvpn offer both premium and free VPN but the free version is very limited (in size allowed).  I think the 1 gig bandwith montly limit is adequate enough provided you intend to use it only when necessary.

If secure online banking is your priority, make sure the VPN provider you choose  provide data encryption features. Many provide anonymous proxy but do not include data encryption feature.

While I said earlier, VPN can slow you down a bit but CyberGhost VPN claim: Thanks to its compression technology, CyberGhost users can open sites up to 30% faster than when using their Internet provider alone.

I guess it depends, some websites don’t use compression. Unless that’s not what “compression” Cyberghost refer to. Anyway, I tried it for while, didn’t notice any slow down. Nice.

Now, the good info is:  Cyberghost is having a promotion which will give you free 1 year subscription license for Cyberghost Premium Account (normal cost 69,99 Euro).  This premium account gives you 40 gig bandwidth per month. Hurry. This promotion could end anytime.

Here the instruction:

Register yourself here:  Cyberghost register Account  (Update: The free premium offer is not available anymore)

Check for email from Cyberghost and click the activation link in the email.

Log in. To convert your account from free to premium, click the ‘activate serial number your account’ link (see below) and enter the promotion License code  “cobiextra“.

cyberghost free subscription

You shall get 365 days (12 months)  subscription (see below)

cyberghost free license
Now, download and install the software at Download CyberGhost VPN. Enter you log-in details to the software.

cyberghost free license code

There you go, now you can become a cyber’s ghost. However, don’t ever get the impression that, just because you are a ‘ghost’ you can create havoc on the internet. 🙂

Note: To maximize your security and protection, use encrypted VPN service with anti-spyware (anti-malware) software to protect against spyware such as Keylogger which can steal login and password. You can try Norton Internet Security which is good in combating spyware.