3 Nov

Block Facebook Widget On Websites

Block Facebook widget on website and blog with this internet browser extension (add on).

Do you hate Facebook so much that you can’t even look at Facebook widget on those many, many websites (such as the one on this blog)? You don’t want to see those Facebook widget such as ‘like box’, ‘like button’, ‘friends activity’ and ‘recommendation box’?

I don’t know anyone who hate Facebook so much that he or she can’t even stand to look at those Facebook widget on blog she/he visited. However there is a way to reduce their unhappiness. There is an extension (add-on) for Firefox, Safari and Chrome that should be able to block those widget from showing .

Below are the before install and after screenshot (from the extension developer’s website):

Facebook ‘share button’ and ‘like button’ are not shown anymore:

block facebook like button

‘Facebook recommended’ data and  ‘like button’ are not shown anymore:

block facebook like box

Ha, ha, I am sure bloggers don’t feel like fall in love with this type of extension, not just because their blog will lose Facebook’s social functions but also the intended’s layout could break. On some websites, the space where the widget should appear, there is a moving graphic like the browser is still reading the script. The worst part is, the browser will try to transfer the data non-stop , like the website is still not fully loaded (could be simply due to my internet).  Not suggested.

I don’t think this is a useful plug-in for average user but well, maybe for the sake of fun. Perhaps, in future version, for blocking Twitter widget too. How about that? Ha, ha, there goes your tweets and  excuse me, where is your Twitter widget  that tells you have 10,000 followers?

For more info or to download you can visit the developer site at: Facebook Widget Blocker