25 Jul

….and a new blog begins

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Greetings. blog logoAt last, I managed to activate this blog after taking some time in considering to use free blogger platform or a self-hosted WordPress. Basically, this blog is about internet, websites, computer software, web application, social networking, blogging and etc, etc. I dedicated this blog to those like me, yeah those that don’t care whether the latest iPhone or uPhone gadget is already in the market or when Ubuntu new beta  version is going to be release. But  still want to use the computer and internet efficiently. It for the rest of us. For the record, I am not an IT experts, nor the king of blogging, or the queen of social networking. I am not a programmer nor a design expert, not a geek or a gadget fan that drools every time there is a new gadget launched. I am just a seasoned part-time blogger, an avid computer and internet user. Thus, this blog actually are some notes that I would like to share with you that I think will be useful. I hope there is something for you here. As a new blog, a lot of thing still need to do. Give me the chance of having my little corner here by giving comments, social site networking, blog feed subscribing, bookmarking, site linking and so on. etc, okay? Thank You.

ulik (in Malay Language) – to investigate, to look into, to inspect maya (in Malay Language)  – anything related to computer, internet and information

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