ariffin ariifHi, my name is Ariffin Ariff. I am just a typical user of computer and internet. Due to interest, that doesn’t stop me from writing a blog on PC software, internet, using computer,  online tools, Windows, social networking and so on.

For the record, I am not an IT expert nor the king of blogging or social networking. I am not a programmer, a system analyst nor a graphic design expert whatsoever. Neither a gadget fanatic that drools every time there is a new shiny gadget launched in the market. No, I don’t find programming code sexy.

I am just another computer and internet user (probably no different from you), an avid user maybe. Thus, this blog is more like my notes and shares of the experience that I thought could be useful to others.

Your comments on the articles or blog post are welcomed.  Any blog updates feed subscription and social sharing to Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc are very much appreciated. That way, I would know there is somebody who find this blog useful and not just because Google send them here.

By the way, if you are reading this, you must be a unique and different kind of person because not many people read the “about “ page (at least not in this blog ) lol. Thank You.

Ariffin Ariff

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This blog domain name UlikMaya is a tribute to the land I was born that is Terengganu (in Malaysia).  Terengganu is associated with a Malaysian’s mystical folk song titled UlikMayang.

ulik – to investigate, to look into, to inspect 

maya – anything related to computer, internet and information technology