18 Oct

Upload To Multiple File Sharing Sites With A Single Upload

How to upload files to a lot of file sharing hosting sites with a single upload. Choice of web sites that provide the service. Conveniently make a multi-mirror for your file.

upload to many file sharing sitesDo you have a large file to be shared and distributed as widely as possible? How about you can upload the file to several file hosting site like Rapidshare, Megaupload with just only one upload?

Internet speed for uploading is slower than for downloading. It takes a long time to upload a large sized file, furthermore to upload to many file sharing sites.

The good info is, there are many websites that already provide the service to distribute files to several file hosting sites. This is not a new info, this service has been around since 2008. However, there are websites that no longer exist nor in service. Good idea to revisit the websites which still provide these services and see what’s new.

The service is called ‘file upload distribution service, you can upload files to their server and their server will upload the file to several file hosting site automatically. You can distribute your files in a much shorter time. Really convenient to create download or storage mirrors.

Provide the same file in different locations (multi mirrors) can:
1. Reduce the risk of your file disappearing due to be deleted or when the file-hosting service is no longer exist.

2. More likely to be downloaded (is that what you want). It give option for the download-link receiver to choose his/her preferred download site.

Not only you can upload files from your computer, you can ‘upload’ files that are already on the internet, as well. This is called remote upload. In fact, you can add files from the download link already on the internet to your premium account Rapidshare or Megaupload. This is great if you think what you can do with that. (Check out Uploadbud below)

There are some differences in the file upload distribution service provided by by them. This includes the choice of which filehosting sites and the maximum file size.

To use the service, just go to the websites, upload files and the download links will be provided to you after the uploading completed.

Here are a few options with the file upload website distribution service:

1. GAZEUP.COM (not available)

gazeupFile hosting host site:

RapidShare.com 200mb NetLoad.in 400mb zShare.net 400mb FileFactory.com 300mb 200MB NetLoad.in RapidShare.com FileFactory.com 300MB 400mb 400mb zShare.net

Maximum file size: as above

Extra: Video screenshot provided free if your file is in a video format. Option to become a member where you can manage your files via the control panel. Option for remote and ftp upload.



gooyFile hosting site host:

RapidShare, Megaupload, Turbobit, Depositfiles, Netload, Load.to

Maximum File Size: Not specified (usually restricted to the limits of a distributed file hosting site)

Extra: remote upload


3. MASSMIROR.COM (available but reported as an attack page)

File hosting site host:

Massmirror, Rapidshare, Megaupload, Badongo, and Zshare

Maximum File Size: 1 GB

Extra: Remote upload.

Option to enter your friends’ email whom you want to send the file.



mirrorcreatorFile hosting host site:

28 file hosting site, but you may select up to 14 for one upload (visit the site for the list).

Maximum File Size: depends on which file hosting site (visit the site for more info)

Extra: Remote upload.

Accordance to its TOS, individual file hosting download link distribution is prohibited, which mean you can only distibute the mirrorcreator’s link.



sharebeeFile hosting site host: Megaupload, DepositFiles, Rapidshare, Badongo, RapidShare

Maximum File Size: 150MB maximum.

Note: A new version of Sharebee is coming.


6. UPLOADBUD.COM  (not available)

uploadbudFile hosting site host:

megaupload, easy-share.com, Depositfiles, zshare.com, badongo.com

Maximum File Size: 100 mb


For member (free):

1. Can upload up to 6 file hosting site.

2. Remote upload to your Rapidshare Premium or collector account and Megaupload premium account: great additional option (for those making money with file download)


multisiteuplaodFile hosting site host: MegaUpload, DepositFiles, Filefactory, NetLoad, UploadedTo, SendSpace, Badongo, EasyShare, Load.to, MegaShare, 2Shared, HotFile

Maximum file size: less than100 mb

Extra: Remote Upload

7. UPLOADMULTIPLE (not available)

uploadmultipleFile hosting host site: 8 popular file hosting site – Megaupload, Rapidshare , Filefactory, Wupload, Filesonic, Uploading, Depositfile, Fileserve

Maximum File Size:
1 Gig

Important factor for selecting which service is the uploading speed which depends on the server and location. In terms of ease of use, all the above websites are user friendly. You can try intially with Mirrorcreator or Multiupload or Uploadmultiple.

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