15 Apr

Best Free Proxy Tools To Bypass Streaming Media Geographic Restriction

Bypass country restriction by websites like Hulu, Netflix, ABC, Pandora or other country-based censorship. Best free proxy tools to access websites that only allow visitors from a certain country.


There are several popular media streaming websites that only allow visitors from certain countries. Hulu for example is a media streaming website where you can watch many popular TV shows and movies for free. But Hulu allow its streaming media service for visitors from US only. Even some videos on Youtube are limited to visitors from certain countries. Netflix is another example. Netflix charges a relatively small monthly fee to watch all the TV series and movies in its collection. Somehow these websites became very well known globally and at the same time disappoint visitors from non-allowable countries. Out of these, ‘special’ proxy services were created to bypass this type of censorship.

As at today. there are many kind of proxy tools and services available online such as an anonymous proxy, VPN, Tor or DNS services which are normally used for anonymous browsing, bypassing internet censorship or safer surfing. The special thing with the proxy tools that I will mention here is that they were created with those geographically restricted streaming media websites in mind. Unlike other VPN services which normally have bandwidth limit, these services are not. Plus, they have streaming media optimizing features that help to accelerate viewing. So, if your need specifically to access these country restricted website, you might find these apps useful.

Let’s take a lot at these 3 proxy tools to bypass the restriction.


holaNo more Internet censorship. Improve your privacy online. Speed up your web browsing. Save on bandwidth costs Hola browser extension.hola browser extension

This is one popular free proxy service to bypass blocking based on visitor’s countries. This apps attached itself as a browser extension. When you click on the Lulu extension button, you will get a list of website covered by it and a choices of countries you want to be identify with.

Easy to choose the country you want to be identifed with and it has accelerator feature which help to optimize streaming media viewing. Hola is free but also provide premium service which gives you more country IP to choose from.

hola internet settingThis service doesn’t give you anonymous proxy or hide your IP to other websites sites not on the list covered by them, it’s only when you visit one the listed website then that website will identify you as a visitor from your chosen country.

Option: Free/Premium
Platform: Windows/Android/Mac. Get Hola at:

Note: I find Hola doesn’t go along well with other proxy tools/VPN tools, so if you plan to or already installed other tools you might need to consider that. I installed the software version of Hulu, turned out it just installed the browser extension instead because of other proxy tool already installed on my Windows. Even after installing the browser extension version and disabling it, I cannot use other proxy tools. Turned out it change the LAN setting (see the screenshot), even if you change the configuration to default it revert back to that Hola’s configuration. It’s a stubborn one, I need to uninstall Hola then only I am back to control the connection configuration.


smartdnsproxyVisit any blocked website restricted in your place. Allows you unblock censorship filters and access websites, apps and services from anywhere in the world. All Smart DNS Proxy servers are secured and encrypted. There is also no logs in our network so all your queries are anonymous.

smartdns dns internet settingSmartDNSProxy is a secure DNS Proxy service to unblock websites, global video & music streaming services. For now, Smart DNS Proxy is free. I don’t know how long the free period going to last but I think they might going to create other premium plans beside the current free plan.

With Smart DNS Proxy is that, there is no apps or browser extension to install. You just need to configure your DNS address in your devices to Smart DNS Proxy IP addresses (see the screenshot). Once done, your internet connection will use Smartdnsproxy’s DNS.

You need to log-in to surf so that your internet connection can be associated with your account. Once logged-in you can simply surf like how you regularly do. You don’t need to choose country to be identified with, it’s done automatically.

Similar to Hola, I find SmartDNSProxy doesn’t provide anonymous proxies too when visiting website that are not in the list covered by it. It’s only when you visit one the listed website covered by it. you will be identified as a visitor from the configured country.

Note: Initially, after configured the DNS server addresses you might need to flush your DNS cache from previous DNS setting before surfing.

Update 13 Sept 2014 – The free promotion is not available anymore. As at today only 14 days free trial available. 

S4.99 per month   Free. Platform: Windows/Android/IOS/network/console/top-box (any devices that you change the DNS setting). Get Smartdnsproxy at: Smartdnsproxy


proxmateEver wanted to use proxy benefits without loosing speed while regular surfing or using a VPN? ProxMate is the swiss knife for accessing pages! A free application that boosts and proxies page content for you.

proxmate options settingProxmate attached itself as a browser extension/add-on. You don’t need to choose country to be identified with, it’s done automatically. Just like Hola and SmartDNSProxy, I find Proxmate doesn’t provide anonymous proxy too when visiting website that are not in the list covered by it. It’s only when you visit one the listed website of your chosen then the website identify you as the visitor from that country. Proxmate covered less website compared with the other two but the popular ones like Hulu, MTV, Pandora, Youtube, Songza, Spotify are in the list.

Available as browser extension for Chrome/Firefox. Get Proxmate at: Proximate

Note: Once installed as an extension, Proxmate will manage your Chrome/Firefox proxy setting. Your Crome/Firefox will not be using Internet Explorer LAN’s setting anymore. You only can change it via Proximate extension’s option page (see the screenshot).

There are many other service there to surf anonymously or if want use foreign proxies but if you just solely want to enjoy watching movies on those country-restricted streaming website, one of them listed here might be your best choice. Thank you.