22 Nov

Software To Speed Up Internet By Ashampoo With Free License

Download Ashampoo Internet Accelerator software to optimize and speed up your broadband internet.

Internet Accelerator cost US$19.99 but here is how you can get download and the get the full license for free.

This Windows software help you to weak various Windows internet setting to speed up broadband internet.  You can choose the automatic optimization based on your type of internet connection or you can choose to do it manually. I am not really fond of the automatic setting but with the manual setting with you can experiment a lot because you can adjust the individual setting.

free ahampoo internet accelerator

Most of the internet optimization available with Internet Accelerator is similar with some other internet tweaking software but Ashampoo Internet Accelerator has some extra neat feature.  You can configure and boost Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer easily here. The other feature is the host file management feature which is neat.  You can check your host file conveniently here without the need to navigate deeper into Windows file.

Why it is important to check host file? Some virus or malware can change your host file. Some of these change can be dangerous. It can redirect you to other place – a phishing technique. For example it when you enter your bank url in the browser can redirect you to other website in order to get your online banking login and password

In you want to tweak it manually you can refer to the help section. There is explanation of the setting, for example what is MTU or QoS. The user interface looks nice and there is a built-in MTU tester tool to check your optimization.  You read more about it here: Internet Accelerator

How to get this PC software for free?

1. Go this this page: Free Ashampoo Internet Accelerator
Fill in your email to create an account with Ashampoo and get a free license code (see the screenshot below). You can get the link to download the software and the license activation code in your account.
Also you can download direct from this link: Download Ashampoo Internet Accelerator

internet accelerator license code

Now, does this type of software works? Theoretically yes, but in practice due to speed your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides, the result may be unnoticeable. You need do the speed testing many, many time. The speed your IPS provides, way too big a factor in determining your internet speed that any improvement due Windows tweaking may be unnoticeable. So, don’t expect too much, consider this as tool so that you computer doesn’t become a weak link in the whole internet connection chain. Enjoy.

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