1 Aug

How To Get Norton Antivirus Free 9 Months (270 days) Full Trial

Tips to get Norton Antivirus for full 270 days (9 months) for free. Also free full trial of Norton 360 version 5 and Norton Internet security for 3 months (90 days).

You might already know it’s very easy to get Norton antivirus and protection suite with 1 months trial. If you look harder, it is easy to get 3 months full trial too. The three antivirus and protection software by Norton are Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus.  Norton 360 is the most complete protection suite from Norton but I think Norton Antivirus is good enough for most people. Just make sure to scan first before opening any file download from internet, set the firewall to on and update your antivirus regularly (set it to auto update).

norton antivrius free 90 days

How to get Norton Antivirus free for 9 months? What you should know is that Norton Antivirus itself is a component of Norton Internet Security and Norton 360. Norton Antivirus has these function: antivirus, anti-spyware and antirootkit, both Norton Internet Suite and Norton 360 has these function too. So, if you install the 3 months full trial version of the protection/antivirus software, each after the previous one expired you will get 9 months Norton Antivirus protection for free.

What you should do first is to download all the 3 months full trial of Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus. Install any (just) one of them first, after the 3 months full trial expired, uninstall it and install any of the other two. You will get 90 days for free. Is it works? Yes, it worked for me. Make sure you download all three first because I think the 3 months trial is ‘linked’ to the particular software file that you downloaded.

After installation, you need to activate your version with en email, you might want to use different email for each installation. Your email will be used to create an account with Norton.

Well, to get 3 months trial for the products you need to search a bit. To make your life easier (so you can spend more quality time watching viral video on YouTube :-)), here is a few sources where you can download them.

Download FREE Norton Internet Security 2014 Antivirus 180 Days

Download Norton Antivirus 2014 (180 days): Norton Antivius 2014 (6 months)

Download Norton Antivirus 2014 (90 days): Norton Antivirus 2014 Set-up

Download Norton Internet Security 2012 (90 days): Norton Internet Security 2012

Download Norton 360 version 6 and Norton Internet Security 2012 (60 days)Norton Promo

Download Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security (60 days): Norton 360 and Internet Security (rus)
(Russian language website, you can change the product language setting after installation)

Download (90 days) Norton 360 version 4, Norton Internet Security 2011 and  Norton Antivirus 2011:
 Norton 360, Internet Security dan Antivirus (rus) (Russian language website, you can change the product language setting after installation)
If you prefer direct download, here the url (from that website):
Norton 360 (version 5)
Norton Internet Security 2011
Norton AntiVirus 2011

Norton is among my 3 favorites  antivirus. Actually I had been ignoring Norton since mid 2000 because I think their product have became so bulky and heavy on resources. In the year 2010 though, Norton have rebuilt their antivirus from the ground up which is now we can see can their product is faster and lighter on resource.

free norton antivirus

If you feel it still heavy, this is because the features of Norton product is quite comprehensive (compared to many free antivirus software available). Try to set certain function to off. For example you can set the ‘File Insight’ setting to off. Also the SONAR protection. Above screenshot is the setting for my Norton Antivirus. There are many other more features you can turn off, just go to Miscellaneous setting. Those setting like Performance Monitoring, Norton Community Watch and Norton Task Notification can be set to off.

I think the links posted here, the promo offers by Norton can last for a long time. Let me know if any of the link is not available anymore.