29 Jul

Lost in Social Networking Jungle

Too many social networking sites to choose from for daily use?

I have been blogging for over five years, mostly using blogger platform. I have made websites using html language with the help of Macromedia Dreamweaver before the era web 2.0 or blogging explode. But when it come to social networking, I am the one who was left behind. This could be due to a couple of reasons. First I wasn’t belong to teenager group when Web 2.0 exploded. As you know the younger generation really fast in catching the social networking trend, most of the social sites were targeting younger generation at first anyway. Also, maybe I think social networking in real world suite me more than social networking in cyberworld. That assumptions was one big mistake that I have made.

With the outbreak of Web 2.0 (the term can be debated), everyone can become part of the Internet world. Web 2.0 made it easy for anyone to have their own place on the internet. Unlike in the past where the cybersurfer can only just reading, now they can engage in various activities such as commenting, discussing and interacting among each others. This ‘personal touch’ is very engaging, just look at Facebook.

social networking sitesBy countries,  Malaysia (my country)  itself is at position  21 among Facebook users. As at 2 July 2010 there are 1,995,040 Malaysian users. That’s  a large number. Perhaps I am the 1,995,040th user to sign up :-). Still struggling to configure my Facebook setting. Weird, I find it not user friendly at first to configure it. Creating a blogger at blogspot.com is easier.  Also, managed to create my first Facebook  at  My Facebook Fan Page

With all kind of blogging platform, micro blogging, social sites, profile sites, discussion site, bookmarking sites, news sharing sites and all kind of multi-hybrid social networking sites, we could just easily lost in the jungle.

But while getting familiar with those, I managed to find some tricks and tips which I hope I can share in this blog. For those like me, who just about to begin with those social networking sites, do drop by here once in awhile.

Until next time.