3 Mar

Malaysia WiFi Internet Speed 4 MB per sec Is Not Fast? Are You Kidding?

Malaysia WiFi Broadband Internet

There was a news report on Malaysia internet penetration that caught my interest. Not much of percentage of penetration rate (that rate is for urban area anyway) but because of statement by Datuk Seri Rais Yatim:

rais yatimThe Kampung WiFi broadband facility gives minimum benefit; it’s not very fast. We think the speed is around 4 megabytes per second in Merlimau Pasir. If there are many users, it will be slow. This is normal.”
Full News Reported at: Malaysia Internet Penetration Rate

What? 4 megabytes per second is not very fast? The facility gives minimum benefit? What Rais Yatim talking about? Does he has any idea what average Malaysia home user internet speed is? If 4 megabytes¬† is not that fast how about 0.7 mb I’m paying almost RM100 per month now? Anda that just about the internet speed and we haven’t yet talk about Fair Usage Policy, realibility etc.

When an Information Communication and Culture Minister made a statement like that, it does make me worry. Worry that he doesn’t know the ‘suffering’ Malaysia internet home user has to endure.

  1. Tan