2 Feb

Save Printing Ink Cost With This Free PC Software

Reduce printing cost with this free PC software.


If you do a lot of printing, I am sure you know the cost of printing is not cheap. Your printer’s ink could ran out very fast and you need to buy more and more new ink cartridges.

Here is a free software (for Home user only) that helps you save money without compromising on quality. According to to the software developer, PretonSaver Home is a revolutionary software that can save up to 70% printing cost.

save printing ink cost with this softwarePretonsaver works by optimizing your printing while maintaining the quality. You can choose your saving level according to your need. You can automatically omit pictures and graphics. If you think Pretonsaver works using standard draft printing option, it is not. PretonSaver uses a technology that employs sophisticated algorithms to selectively remove wasteful pixels. Pixel Optimizer™ a Smart Pixel Removal Technology is the trademark name, sound impressive. You can get more info on how Pretonsaver works here.

Here some info from the software developer:

Adjust cost-saving levels for each print job between 0%-70%
Automatically omit pictures and graphics
Set your savings levels per format type (text vs. photo)
Comprehensive reports
Supports Windows® XP SP2 and up, Vista or Windows® 7
Dramatically reduces toner and ink usage
Provides up to 70% cost savings while maintaining print quality
Prints more than double the pages per ink or toner cartridge
Easy to install, easy to use
Safe installation: No Adware, No Spyware, No Malware
It works with everything!
All formats: documents, presentations, photos – everything!
Any printer type: inkjet and laser jet printers
Any standard model: HP, EPSON, Canon, Lexmark,
Xerox…and more!

Ink catridges are expensive, don’t you think so? I am sure ink cartridge producers like HP, EPSON and Canon  going to hate this type of software but you are going to love it (unless you are a HP, Epson or Canon shareholders!).

Best of all its free for non-commercial use  (offer for a limited time only), hurry download and get the free license now at http://www.preton.com/free

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