18 Oct

Which Social Sharing Sites Bookmarklet To Use For Your Blog?

Top social sharing and bookmarking site by countries.

There are many sharing and bookmarking bookmarklet you can use for your blog. Addthis.com and addtoany.com are among the popular sites that provide these services. Beside that, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter also provide itheir own bookmarklet that you can install for your site.

Since we want our blog articles to be shared widely, many of us opt to use the service provide by addthis.com and addtoany.com since you can have a ready-made list of sharing site bookmarklet list.

But, sometime too many bookmarklet icons displayed below your blog post can just discourage your visitor to share instead of the other way and it seem crowded. Addthis.com and addtoany actually have a smart function which can display the bookmarklets order based on your visitor’s recent use.

For example, here is the top sharing bookmarking site used by Malaysia internet user on the last 30 days.

top social sharing bookmarkletIn order to minimize the bookmarklet icon, you can customize them to display the sharing sites of your choice (which could be not of your visitors’ choice). Other way is to customize them based on your visitors’ country. Assuming most of your visitors come from India, you can choose to use the top sharing and bookmarking sites bookmarklet use by India’s internet user.

You can get info on top sharing and bookmarking site used by internet user by countries by on this site: Top Social Sharing n Bookmarking By Countries