28 Mar

Tweak Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft ignored XP user once again with the release of Internet Explorer 9.

“You must throw Windows XP out of the windows now  and then throw us some money by buying Windows 7.” That’s the message I perceived from Microsoft .

internet explorer 9I feel excited every time there is a new version of internet browser, doesn’t matter its Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Opera. The need for better internet surfing experience is always there.

Somehow with the release of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), I didn’t feel excited at all. The fact is, I am still using Windows XP and you can’t install IE9 to Windows XP. Hey, I am not the only one, 40-50% of the planet Earth’s computer users still using Windows XP. (and Microsoft  wonders why Firefox 4 first day download is twice as many as IE9’s)

Remember the release of DirectX 10 in 2007, its exclusively for Windows Vista (the new version of Windows at that time) and not meant for Windows XP. Which mean if you want to play the latest game with your PC, you  need to buy Windows Vista. Later, turned out it can be installed on Windows XP too (a special version of DirectX 10 released by some brilliant kids to the internet)

browser warsIt’s not just United States people who like to make wars, browser have wars among them too (known as Browser Wars).  The good thing is, cybersurfers have great choices of browser. For me, I already have Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Lunascape on my PC. I just use which one I feel like to use on that day.

With the release of IE9, Microsoft really mean it when they said they will not provide the support for Windows XP anymore. For later version of Window users, you can download Internet Explorer 9 here: IE9

What? You have installed the new shiny IE9 but still not happy with something. Well, you might want to weak it a bit.  There is a small utility program called TweakIE9 which you can download here: TweakIE9 (direct download link) UPDATE: This utility is not available anymore